Premanand Chandrasekaran

Technology Leader, Coding Architect, Continuous Delivery Transformation Specialist, Domain-Driven Design Enthusiast


A hands-on technology leader, disruptor and change agent who is not afraid to challenge status quo. I have a solid track record of leading large technology teams and helping businesses deliver mission critical solutions in a manner that enriches the lives of its stakeholders and end users alike while exhibiting high internal and external quality. I am passionate about the application of iterative methods and the use of open source software to reliably and rapidly realize value. Over the past two decades, I have had the pleasure of helping a variety of clients and domains ranging from financial services, online retailers, education, healthcare startups among others.

Specialities and Interests

Digital agile/iterative transformation, technical innovation, leadership, cloud native applications, event-driven architecture, domain-driven design, continuous delivery, employee development, distributed/offshore teams.



Since 2015




2002-2015 ThoughtWorks Inc. Played a variety of technology leadership roles ranging from developer, architect to Technology Principal responsible for helping C-level executives and their teams deliver complex software solutions using iterative methods. Led agile transformation journeys at several clients in varied domains such as Banking, Education, Finance, Airlines, Healthcare, Retail, etc. Specialist in the application of eXtreme Programming (XP) methods to rapidly and reliably architect and deliver complex software solutions.

Prior Experience

2001-2002 Citicorp Overseas Software Ltd. Software Developer on the Trade Record Information Management System (TRIMS).

1997-2001 CMC Ltd. Software Engineer and Tech Lead of the Container Management module in the Ports & Cargo (PnC) department. Implemented the system on-site in Hamburg, Germany.


Feb 2019 Migrating to a Distributed Service Ecosytem - O’Reilly Software Architecture, New York

Sep 2018 Microservices from the Trenches - Part Deux - AxonIQ, Amsterdam

Sep 2017 Microservices from the Trenches - AxonIQ, Amsterdam

Jun 2017 Microservice Design Patterns - Philly JUG

Oct 2016 Succeeding with Spring Boot - Philly JUG

Sep 2015 Functional Concepts in Java - Philly JUG

Nov 2014 Functional Programming in Java - FunctionalConf, Bangalore

Jan 2012 Agile Testing Patterns - Agile Philly


Sep 2017 Microservices from the Trenches - Experiences at BarclayCard

Oct 2014 Functional Programming Using Java 8 - Functional Conf


1993-1997 Bachelors Computer Science, Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology (Mumbai)

Interests and Hobbies

Eternal Fan of playing, watching and nit-picking the nuances of the game of cricket